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  • Will the martial arts teach my child to be violent?

    Will the martial arts teach my child to be violent?

    This question isn’t all that bad and in fact, I love it when a parent asks me if martial arts will make their child violent because it gives me an opportunity to educate them on all the amazing and wonderful benefits of kids learning martial arts. Now, I’m not all that surprised at the question. I mean with the rise of violent games, violent shows and movies, and the UFC (which at times can get bloody) it’s no wonder that parents who are not fans of those things may have some apprehension about getting their child involved in martial arts. 5 CHARACTER TRAITS MARTIAL ARTS REINFORCES Respect is probably the most common thing people think of when they think of martial ....

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  • Why do we bow in the martial arts?

    Why do we bow in the martial arts?

    Have you noticed in martial arts everyone bows? 🤔 When you started training, has anyone taken the time to explain to you why we bow? A student who doesn’t understand why we bow is missing out on the component of their journey of self discovery and philosophy. Bowing in the martial arts is a very simple act but one that is extremely important. It’s about paying respect. For example, bowing between Instructors and students shows the respect felt among themselves and towards each other. When you bow, you’re not bowing to that person, but respecting the knowledge and skill that person has acquired, and to the rank that they have attained. Bowing also symbolizes humility. ....

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  • What can you do to help your kids learn “left from right?”

    What can you do to help your kids learn “left from right?”

    An ambulance pulls up with siren blaring just outside my office window. I peek outside. An ambulance is stuck in the left lane, trying to get through. Ambulance driver, to the car in front of him: “Please pull to your right.” Car pulls further to the left. Ambulance driver again: “Please pull to your right.” Car stays put. Ambulance driver: “That’s your left. Please pull to your right.” Car finally moves to the right. Ambulance driver: “There ya go!” Oh boy. Shows you why it’s so important to know left vs. right, something called “laterality.” So when does that skill come in? Not such an easy answer… ....

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  • Seven benefits of martial arts for kids

    Seven benefits of martial arts for kids

    When considering after-school activities and sports for your child it’s important to consider many things including the costs involved and the perceived benefits for your child. Martial Arts can be a great activity to get your children into for a whole range of reasons that have nothing at all to do with fighting. You can choose from a range of styles including Taekwondo, Muay Thai and JiuJitsu. Get active Of course, one of the most obvious benefits of Martial Arts for kids is that it includes a physical activity component. Not only will your child move around a lot, but they’ll also build on their strength and flexibility. Build Self-Esteem and Confidence Learning new skills ....

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  • Upcoming Muay Thai event at ATT-Tracy

    Upcoming Muay Thai event at ATT-Tracy

    on August 7, we will be hosting and IKF Ref Muay Thai event at our Academy. There will be three matte rings going simultaneously with over 150 matches on Display. Men women and children will all be vying for future glory. Spectators tickets will be available at the door. Don’t miss this opportunity to see live competition here in Tracy! ....

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  • How to Focus

    How to Focus

    Focus is a big topic in martial arts. Many people take our classes just to add more focus to their lives. Here are 3 tips to do just that: 1. Practice stillness. Every day, even if 2 minutes is all you can stand right now, just sit with your eyes closed, and breathe. We live in an ADD world. Challenge it by practicing stillness. 2. Set daily goals. Know what you want to accomplish today. Write it down. Keep that piece of paper with you. Then, whenever you get off track, just pull it out of your pocket and remind yourself of what you're trying to achieve. 3. One task at a time. Our ....

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  • Patients- The key to mastering your art.

    Patients- The key to mastering your art.

    When practice becomes inconsistent, making excuses for staying away becomes easier. There once was a farmer who purchased a very expensive seed with the hope that it would grow into a beautiful fruit tree. He found the perfect place in his garden where the soil was fertile and the sun and shade would be just perfect. He took care to water his seed regularly. Every day, the farmer dreamed of picking delicious juicy fruit from his strong and beautiful tree. Shortly after planting, he became curious about the progress of his seed as he had seen no sprout break through the earth. Just to make sure that everything was going well, he dug up the seed and carefully inspected it for growth. ....

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  • So, you want to fight?

    So, you want to fight?

    So you want to fight? I am going to share what I believe to be the minimum training requirements to fight in the ring. If you are not willing or able to do this then you have no business fighting in Muay Thai. Fighting in Muay Thai is serious and dangerous. The name of the game is to hurt the other person more than they hurt you. Before you start this journey you should look in the mirror and decide WHY you want to fight? I want to stress that if you want to fight and become a champion in Muay Thai you need to find a qualified Muay Thai Coach/instructor. You can NOT become a champion in Muay Thai on your own. Sure you might be able to win a couple of low level fights ....

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