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  • How To Go From Good To Great As A Martial Artist

    How To Go From Good To Great As A Martial Artist

    You’ve probably heard the quote: “Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard”. If you’ve competed inmartial arts,you may find it true, but hard work doesn’t ensure success at all times. Every martial artist is unique, and so is their purpose for training. While some martial artists started their training as early as the age of 3, and others forself-defense, it is no doubt that all martial artists do it for passion and a purpose. In this article, we will talk about how to achieve greatness as a martial artist. Work Countless Hours Mastering Your Craft In martial arts,consistencyis the key. Many have said that it takes 10,000 hours of ....

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  • ATT-Tracy at the Northern Cal MDL's

    ATT-Tracy at the Northern Cal MDL's

    Another great day was had by all at the Northern California @Muaythaidevelopmentleague event, held on Saturday, October 22nd in Emeryville. We had 9 athletes, ages 9 to 24 who stepped into the ring (Many for the very fort time). The day started off for ATT-Tracy with a rookie 9-year-old in Christopher Rodriguez. Christopher showed great heart in taking on a fighter who was much taller than he. Chris employed a Go forward" strategy mixed with a good block and counter game. Next up was 12-year-old Mayleen Mercado. May is a seasoned athlete with some international experience under her belt. She is a balanced (Femur) fighter who employs many lead-side strategies and a strong clinch game. ....

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  • American Top Team Tracy gets the W at IFS 59 in Anaheim!

    American Top Team Tracy gets the W at IFS 59 in Anaheim!

    American Top Team Tracy’s own Cade Albracht stepped into the ring for the second time at the international fight showdown (IFS 59) in Anaheim California. Cade took on a formidable opponent from a well-coached gym in Southern California. Both athletes have prior experience fighting at this show. The fight was not without controversy. The opponent's Coach said that their fighter did not want to fight with elbows, catching up kicks, or clenching! This is very frustrating when you train in the art of eight limbs “Muay Thai” and you are told that your opponent wants to take some of the weapons away that you work so hard on each day to display in the ring. Cade took the fight ....

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  • New Muay Thai walk out gear for our team.

    New Muay Thai walk out gear for our team.

    check out the new walkout gear that we have designed for our fight team! We are always reinvesting in our students and our Academy. For future amateur fights, we have created a cape for the fighters to wear during warm-up walk-ins! The Cape can be worn by both youth and adult competitors. We also have matching vests for the corners to wear. nothing but the best for our team. War ATT!!! ....

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    Stop speaking the language of weakness. Overdosing on qualifiers, inserting needless filler phrases, and giving wimpy opinions will destroy y our authority. Add muscle to your word with these tips: Cut the constant "I". Starting with "I" undermines your power because you imply that whatever faults you describe are your problems, not theirs. For example, " have a problem with the tech support manager, who doesn't organize time well" sounds as if you're talking about you. Saying, "The tech support manager doesn't organize time well" keeps the focus where it needs to be. Talk Tough. Always say what you mean and don't habitually hedge your comments. For example, if the CEO asks you ....

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  • WBC Muay Thai Youth World Games.

    WBC Muay Thai Youth World Games.

    WBC Muay Thai Youth World Games. Calgary, Alberta Canada Winsport arena August 12th- 14th 2022 The first WBC Muay Thai youth world games were a massive success! Over 180 youth athletes ages 10-17 from 20 countries traveled to Canada to battle it out in the Muay Thai ring for the coveted bronze, silver, and Gold medals. Team USA selected athletes through various processes that include tournament wins, established fight records, and outstanding reputations of some athletes in national and international competitions. 26 American athletes were chosen to wear the Stars and Stripes from all over the United States. American Top Team -Tracy’s own Mayleen Mercado 11 ....

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  • Six ATT- Tracy Muay Thai Athletes Step Into the Ring In Santa Cruz

    Six ATT- Tracy Muay Thai Athletes Step Into the Ring In Santa Cruz

    Saturday, July 16, Santa Cruz California. SIx American top team Tracy fighters went five and one at the recent international kickboxing Federation event held in Santa Cruz California. The event was a huge success with over 280 athletes competing on four rings. congratulations to Mayleen, Cade, Brandon, Mason, Cooper and Josh for a job well done! Everyone performed with beautiful technique and composure as well as great sportsmanship. ATT Nation!!!! ....

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  • Are You New to Clinch ? Here’s A Few Things You Need to Know.

    Are You New to Clinch ? Here’s A Few Things You Need to Know.

    Improving Your Muay Thai Technique: What Not To Do When Clinching As you may already know, Muay Thai is one of the most intense combat sports in the world. Here, almost every strike is legal. In Muay Thai, you have to learn different techniques in order for you to become efficient in the ring and win more matches. Even if you are not a professional Muay Thai fighter, you need to remember that there are certain things that you shouldn’t do when you get caught in a clinch. These things are basically the common mistakes that Muay Thai fighters do and in most cases, they pay dearly for the mistakes they make. By following these tips, you will be able to keep yourself out of ....

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  • EGO and the Martial Arts

    EGO and the Martial Arts

    Your Ego “ Everyone has an ego. One of the lessons to be learned is how to control your ego so it doesn’t bring you trouble. Many people have the idea that those involved in martial arts have a large ego. If you work hard and become better and better in the martial arts, your ego can get out of control. There are many examples of people who begin thinking they are better than others because of their training and skill in the martial arts. How does your ego get out of control in the martial arts? Consider this, in many sports the team is everything. If the team succeeds, everyone on it succeeds. You work hard for the team, the team works hard for you. But in the martial ....

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  • ATT-Tracy fighter Makes the U.S. national team!

    ATT-Tracy fighter Makes the U.S. national team!

    Congratulations to American top team Tracy’s Own Mayleen Mercado for making the US national Muay Thai team! In May we sent her to complete and be evaluated by the selection committee at the first WBC (World Boxing Council) Muay Thai youth experience. She went 3-0 in her matches, securing a spot to be evaluated. Mayleen was chosen to represent team USA Youth Muay Thai and will be fighting at under 70lbs, 31.75kg Mayleen will be fighting in Alberta Canada in mid August. She will be representing United States and our Academy versus youth teams from over 20 countries. This is a huge honor for both Mayleen and all of us at American top team Tracy. let’s go team ....

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