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  • 7 Ways More Exercise Would Help Your Child In School – and 3 Reasons He Won’t Get It

    7 Ways More Exercise Would Help Your Child In School – and 3 Reasons He Won’t Get It

    1 – Exercise helps children pay attention You don’t even need me to explain this one. When your son is bouncing off the walls and full of energy, you can’t get him to pay attention to anything . Send him outside to run around a bit first, though, and you’ll find that it’s much easier to capture his focus. It happens to all of us. Human beings don’t do well sitting still at a desk eight ours a day – but, unfortunately, modern civilization demands it of us. Exercise takes on even more important if your child suffers from ADHD, however, because he’s already starting from a rough spot. 2 – Exercise helps with memory Regular exercise helps ....

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  • 6 Martial Arts Myths and the Truths Behind Them

    6 Martial Arts Myths and the Truths Behind Them

    6 Martial Arts Myths and the Truths Behind Them The martial arts world is home to an awful lot of myths, misconceptions, half truths and sometimes even outright lies. Most of this comes from well meaning individuals – including well trained martial arts instructors – who are merely repeating what they’ve been told. Only a small portion of it is malicious, coming from hucksters and scam artists hoping to part people from their hard earned money. Even so, all of it is damaging – not just to those who are fooled, but to the martial arts community as a whole. The selection below is just a very few of the martial arts myths that I’ve encountered over the ....

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  • Getting back on the mats after a time off.

    Getting back on the mats after a time off.

    Whether it’s completing a switch kick or maintaining your gym attendance record, an object in motion will stay in motion. However, friction — caused by the mats or by everyday life challenges — can act upon that motion, bringing it to a halt. There’s nothing wrong with prioritizing other areas of your life before Muay Thai. You need to pass exams, meet deadlines for work, take care of your family, and tend to your mental health. But before you know it, what was supposed to be a one-day, three-day, or week-long break becomes an extended period of avoiding the gym, finding every excuse not to go and swearing that you’ll be back on the mats tomorrow. ....

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  • Men, don’t give up, perseverance is worth it.

    Men, don’t give up, perseverance is worth it.

    Men, don't give up. Perseverance is worth it. Takea moment right now, think, reflect, and consider the men in your life and the men of the past that you have respect for, ask yourself what is a consistent thread that all these men have. Chances are they will be dependable, honest, safe, respectable, and many other attributes, but here is the thing, none of these qualities are just handed out at the local charity. No, these core qualities are developed, earned, and built. The men who you respect have held onto their values, they have said no and yes when appropriate and stuck to their word. After observing and seeing those common threads what I want to point out to you is ....

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  • Thiago "Pitbull" Alves Visits Tracy for Seminar!

    Thiago "Pitbull" Alves Visits Tracy for Seminar!

    Saturday, November 20th 12 pm American Top Team - Tracy, CA 27-time UFC veteran and current Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion, Thiago "Pitbull" Alves visited our academy to teach a striking seminar. Coach Thiago arrived early and took time to converse with the participants and fans until it was time for the seminar to begin. The class started out with a dynamic warm-up and stretch. This was probably one of the hardest parts for most of the students as Alves is very flexible and in elite athlete shape! Next, Thiago worked with the crowd with a series of drills including striking combinations, head movement, and dynamic footwork. After everyone was warmed up and ready to ....

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  • Muay Thai fights in Madera

    Muay Thai fights in Madera

    On Saturday, November 6th American Top Team -Tracy traveled South to Madera for the fourth Muay Thai event held by Christopher Arias and Madera Martial Arts as well as the IKF Muay Thai organization. Seven athletes stepped on tye mats for a day of tough but fun competition. The event was professionally run and ended on time. Two rings were utilized to keep the flow of fights moving. First to go up was one of our first-timers in 15-year-old Cooper Sampson. Cooper displayed grace and skill in his match vs a very skilled opponent. this fight could have gone either way as the judges called it a Draw!!! Next up was another one of our up-and-coming young men in 17-year-old Ben Watson. Ben ....

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  • Thiago “Pitbull” Alves seminar!

    Thiago “Pitbull” Alves seminar!

    Don't miss this amazing opportunity to train with a legend of the UFC! Thiago "Pitbull" Alves will be teaching a striking seminar at American Top Team-Tracy on Saturday, November 20th! Pitbull is a veteran of 27 fights in the UFC as well as the current Bare Knuckle Boxing Champion. He is known for having one of the most vicious leg kicks in the UFC. Thiago is currently coaching at the American Top Team Headquarters in Coconut Creek FL, where he trains and corners such fighters as Dustin Poirier and Jorge Masvidal. Make sure to take advantage of this opportunity as he will be flying in just for this exclusive seminar and then heading right back to Florida. $75 per participant. Get in early ....

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  • Santa Cruz PKB Muay Thai event

    Santa Cruz PKB Muay Thai event

    9/25/21 American top team Tracy traveled to Santa Cruz to compete in the IKF PKB Muay Thai event. This show was amazing! It was held in the Santa Cruz Warriors stadium, a NBA D league team. There were for competition rings at this event which helped to spread out the over 280 fighters who were there from all over California and Nevada. We had three competitors entered in this event and all showed tremendous skill and heart in their respective competitions. Mayleen went first and put in a dominating performance for the win. Mixing in beautiful hand combinations followed with kicks from all angles. Next up was Eric‘s fight. Eric took on a very game opponent but his long knee ....

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  • Will the martial arts teach my child to be violent?

    Will the martial arts teach my child to be violent?

    This question isn’t all that bad and in fact, I love it when a parent asks me if martial arts will make their child violent because it gives me an opportunity to educate them on all the amazing and wonderful benefits of kids learning martial arts. Now, I’m not all that surprised at the question. I mean with the rise of violent games, violent shows and movies, and the UFC (which at times can get bloody) it’s no wonder that parents who are not fans of those things may have some apprehension about getting their child involved in martial arts. 5 CHARACTER TRAITS MARTIAL ARTS REINFORCES Respect is probably the most common thing people think of when they think of martial ....

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  • Why do we bow in the martial arts?

    Why do we bow in the martial arts?

    Have you noticed in martial arts everyone bows? 🤔 When you started training, has anyone taken the time to explain to you why we bow? A student who doesn’t understand why we bow is missing out on the component of their journey of self discovery and philosophy. Bowing in the martial arts is a very simple act but one that is extremely important. It’s about paying respect. For example, bowing between Instructors and students shows the respect felt among themselves and towards each other. When you bow, you’re not bowing to that person, but respecting the knowledge and skill that person has acquired, and to the rank that they have attained. Bowing also symbolizes humility. ....

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