American Top Team Tracy Martial Arts and Kickboxing Reviews

I’ve been training here for over 2 years, and I have to say this academy is top notch. All the instructors are professional, the facility is clean, and all the students and staff are very welcoming to all people. If I could give 10 stars I would give 11

Billy James

The owners are an AMAZING BEAUTIFUL family! Our 2 daughters started at this dojo since 9yrs old, they are now 2nd degree blackbelts with the superb training of the Albrachts and their wonderful staff. This training has taught our daughters mind/body and soul life lessons they will use throughout their life. We rate them as a 5 star dojo for sure!

Rose Duncan

When you become a team member here you become family. This place is FULL of support and people encouraging your best.

Ylicia Garner

My 8 years old son has been with American Top Team almost year now and he loves it. The staff is like family to us. The teachers are very knowledgeable, patient and encourage the kids to always do their best. Lets give a big Shout Out and Thank you to Shannon, Gloria, Toby, Andrea, Nicole and Leah! Now I have joined my son in the fun and become a new member of the American Top Team Tracy Martial Arts and Kickboxing and I highly recommend you do them same.

Mark B.

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

The best people to teach you, work at Top Team Traditions!

Sara Chavex

Kids Martial Arts near Kids Martial Arts

American Top Team has amazing instructors/staff and they are very professional. I love the flexibility in the classes they offer. Instructors know each and every kid by name. I like the balanced approach of teaching where there is a right amount of strictness and some humor to keep the environment fun and keep the kids motivated. I actually feel like there is learning going on, and my kids are benefiting from it. 

Rahat A Fadoo

"This is an Awesome martial arts studio with great employees! Absolutely love it!"

AlexXx YT2

"Great gym with great Staff! The new location is definitely much larger and better. This studio is definitely very family friendly and I highly recommend it to anyone looking into joining 👍"

Xorge Studioz

They say Disney land is the happiest on earth but that's a lie American top Team Traditions is.

Mike l.

amazing studio, amazing instructors!

Mauricio A.

My little girl has been with American Top Team over a year now and they have built her confidence. The staff is like family to us and wouldn’t change it for anything. Special shout out to Gloria for not giving up on her and believing she can it. Thank you Shannon, Gloria, Toby, Andrea, Nicole and Leah!!!!!

Patricia B.

All of the staff are very knowledgeable, helpful and supportive. The kids confidence and skills are always pushed to their best ability. It feels like everyone is family here..we love it

Ylicia G.

The teachers are very knowledgeable and encourage the kids to always do their best and strive to always better themselves. My son loves coming and always looks forward to earning his next belt. I highly recommend American top team

Paty G.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

My kids have trained there for the last 5 years. The owners Shannon and Gloria Albracht are not only very knowledgeable but the nicest people.

Andy S.

Formally Traditional Martial Arts. Moved to a larger facility and is the best Martial Arts Dojo in the Tracy Area. A large variety of Styles and instructors are well versed. My Daughter has been going here for almost 6 years and has learned so much. More than the Arts themselves, she has learned respect, discipline, and skills that will follow her for the rest of her life.

Paul P.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

My two little ones have been tiny turtles for a few weeks now and they love it and are learning a lot. I was concerned when the class sizes grew over the summer but they always seem to have help so that the kids aren't standing around waiting for their turn. The teachers who work with the youngest kids are firm in their discipline but also realistic in their expectations of my 6 year old and 3.5 year old. I've seen them work with the older kids and they shift their expectations according to the age group and experience level. I love how each teacher can turn a correction for one kid into a lesson for the whole group.

PS--I've never walked into a business like this where they immediately treat you like family and the other families who attend classes are so genuinely nice to be with.

Patty B.

Excellent new facilities.  Teachers are incredible.

Adam G.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

I've been training in Muay Thai since it's inception at Traditional Martial Arts and Kickboxing Academy. Before that, I trained in the traditional arts. Regardless of which art you learn, and whether you want to be a fighter, learn self-defense, or just get a great workout, the instruction is top notch. Mr. Albracht and his staff are very knowledgeable. The environment is very friendly and safe. I would recommend this martial arts school to everyone from kids to cops to housewives!!!

Wayne S.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

I drove from Stockton just to train here for many years. It wasn't about the punches and kicks, but the philosophy taught by the instructors. So here I am today still following the philosophy taught to me at a young age and kickin'it.

John L.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

They have great instructors and a large assortment of curriculum you can study/train at their facility. The lineage of the training they teach is legit and available for review. I continue to train here and would highly recommend it to any friends or family looking to get into the martial arts.

Ryan H.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

I have been doing the muay thai program at Traditional Martial Arts for almost 5 years now and I can surely say that the training has been awesome. I have received great instruction from Mr. Albracht and I love the student-friendly and family-friendly atmosphere!

Angela-Rhaniel E.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

My sons love it and look forward to every class! It's definitely family in there.

Veda H.

Kids Martial Arts Tracy

Love it, the instructors are great with the kids!
My grandson loves it!

Rebecca G.

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