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  • Here’s Why Loyalty Is Important In Martial Arts

    Here’s Why Loyalty Is Important In Martial Arts

    Loyalty is generally one of the most important character traits that we must all have. In all aspects of our lives, whether personal or business, loyalty is such a priceless commodity. Be it in romantic relationships, lasting friendships, or solid partnerships, loyalty must always be a top priority. In martial arts, loyalty can be exhibited in a variety of different ways. Staying loyal to your martial arts gym and to your instructors can have lasting effects on your path as a martial artist. It also allows you to develop at a steady and consistent pace throughout your martial arts journey. The concept of loyalty and its importance is something that kids pick up early on when training ....

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  • New Mongkol for the gym!

    New Mongkol for the gym!

    American Top Team-Tracy has received a new “Mongkol” from Master Toddy in 🇹🇭 Thailand. The Mongkol is a traditional cerimonial head band that is worn by Muay Thai fighters as they enter the ring. It reoresents your gym, teacher and teammates. Authentic Muay Thai gyms have one that the fighters get to wear as a honor before their fights. The Mongkol is taken down from a high place in gym where it hangs, as it is never suposed to be just laying around someplace. The mongkol is blessed by a priest or a Ajarn (master) and always treated with respect and dignity. Just before the fight begins, the coach or someone of high esteem will take the Mongkol off of the fighters head ....

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  • Prepare your kids for life.

    Prepare your kids for life.

    Activities and sports like Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Girl/Boy Scouts etc... are all great hobby’s and pass time activities and I let my kids choose whatever activities they want. I categorize swimming lessons differently; swimming is a life skill and non-negotiable in my house. Sooner or later my children will be exposed to water, (be it a pool, lake, river or ocean) and not having basic swimming skills and confidence around the water will hold them back and could be potentially fatal. They don’t need to be Olympic swimmers but they need enough basic skills to tread water and survive but ideally are competent enough that they don’t have to be nervous or ....

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  • Understanding Thai scoring in Muay Thai

    The basic understanding of scoring at the highest and most professional levels inMuay Thaiihaveoften eluded not just fans of the art, but even the practitioners themselves as well. This is likely due to the fact that the scoring system in Muay Thai can be considered one of the most unique when compared to other combat sports around the world. From how strikes are scored, to how rounds are judged; the Muay Thai scoring system differs significantly from the systems the average fight fan maybe used to. Because of this, fight fans, practicing martial artists, or even professional fighters who are used to the usual 10 point must system used in popular combat sports likeboxingormixed martial ....

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  • IKF PMT enemy in Santa Cruz

    IKF PMT enemy in Santa Cruz

    The next event for our Muaythai up and comers is being held in Santa Cruz on Saturday, April 30. If you are interested in competing, please speak to Kru Shannon. ....

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  • What is the Mongkol or Muay Thai headband?

    What is the Mongkol or Muay Thai headband?

    Why wear a Muay Thai fighters the Mongkol? The Mongkol is a blessed headband and thus a talisman. It is worn during the Wai Khru ceremony in the ring. For thefight it is however not worn. The coach of each fighter takes the Mongkol from the head and hangs it in the corner. This brings the fighters luck and protects himfrom possible dangers. So the mogkol is a highly spiritual object in Muay Thai. The importance of the Mongkon for the fighters: Traditionally, fighters receive their Mongkon from the coach when theytrained hard enough and areready to represent the Muay Thai Camp in the ring with honor. The coach must be fully convinced of the skills of his Muay Thai student. Fighters wear ....

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  • Two ATT Tracy fighters dominate!

    Two ATT Tracy fighters dominate!

    Cade stepped into the ring on Friday night march 25 in Anaheim California for the IFS 56 Muaythai show. He took on a very tough opponent from a very well coach Gym. The fight started out a bit tentatively as both fighters try to find their rhythm and range. About 50 seconds into round one Cade found exactly that! Landing a flurry of hands followed by powerful kicks to the body and legs. From that point on Cade dominated in the clinch and elbow range. Landing more than 25 elbows in the fight cruising to a 30-27 victory. Cade also earned fight name, being dubbed “ Baby Carnage“ by Nathan “Carnage” Corbett and Bryce “The Body snatcher” Krause. on ....

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  • Be like a weed.

    Be like a weed.

    Be Like a Weed Pretty random statement, right? My Iaido and Kobudo teacher, Shihan Nishiuchi, shared this concept with us during class one day. At first it made no sense, but after digesting it for a while, I think I finally get it. You see, a weed will try to grow to its fullest potential where ever it finds itself. It doesn't ask to have more fertile soil, or for more sunlight? It never feels sorry for itself. It simply does it's best with what it was given. And then.....if it gets knocked down or stepped on, a weed just puts all of it's effort into growing upright again, no questions asked. I have a great deal more respect for weeds now than I used to. They stand proud......they don't ....

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  •  How to Choose From the Many Types of Martial Arts

    How to Choose From the Many Types of Martial Arts

    The idea might sound insane to some people: You’re going to pay money so you can go to a class every few days andget beat up. But that’s just what it looks like to outsiders. There are many types of martial arts, and training in one is about much more than dealing out (and receiving) punishment. It can be highly rewarding, both for your fitness and your overall well-being. For beginners, the hardest part of martial arts might be choosing one to start with. Picking the right one for your goals is crucial if you’re going to enjoy yourself and stick with it. To help with that decision, we’ve put together this guide to some of the main types of martial arts out there ....

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  • Using A Traditional Art to Solve a Modern Problem Involving The Use of Force

    Using A Traditional Art to Solve a Modern Problem Involving The Use of Force

    Using A Traditional Art to Solve a Modern Problem Involving The Use of Force Jan 27, 2022 By Terry L. Wilson In August 2021, HBO’s Real Sports With Bryant Gumbel aired a segment titled “Force for Change.” The 20-minute-long portion of the monthly newsmagazine dealt with the search for a solution to the problem of excessive force being applied during arrest-and-control procedures. HBO’s report eventually took viewers to an MMA cage to present an unlikely solution that could enable the police to get a better grip on the problem using a traditional art from Japan that came to America via Brazil: jiu-jitsu . As all martial artists know by now, the grappling ....

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