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  • Six ATT- Tracy Muay Thai Athletes Step Into the Ring In Santa Cruz

    Six ATT- Tracy Muay Thai Athletes Step Into the Ring In Santa Cruz

    Saturday, July 16, Santa Cruz California. SIx American top team Tracy fighters went five and one at the recent international kickboxing Federation event held in Santa Cruz California. The event was a huge success with over 280 athletes competing on four rings. congratulations to Mayleen, Cade, Brandon, Mason, Cooper and Josh for a job well done! Everyone performed with beautiful technique and composure as well as great sportsmanship. ATT Nation!!!! ....

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  • Are You New to Clinch ? Here’s A Few Things You Need to Know.

    Are You New to Clinch ? Here’s A Few Things You Need to Know.

    Improving Your Muay Thai Technique: What Not To Do When Clinching As you may already know, Muay Thai is one of the most intense combat sports in the world. Here, almost every strike is legal. In Muay Thai, you have to learn different techniques in order for you to become efficient in the ring and win more matches. Even if you are not a professional Muay Thai fighter, you need to remember that there are certain things that you shouldn’t do when you get caught in a clinch. These things are basically the common mistakes that Muay Thai fighters do and in most cases, they pay dearly for the mistakes they make. By following these tips, you will be able to keep yourself out of ....

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  • EGO and the Martial Arts

    EGO and the Martial Arts

    Your Ego “ Everyone has an ego. One of the lessons to be learned is how to control your ego so it doesn’t bring you trouble. Many people have the idea that those involved in martial arts have a large ego. If you work hard and become better and better in the martial arts, your ego can get out of control. There are many examples of people who begin thinking they are better than others because of their training and skill in the martial arts. How does your ego get out of control in the martial arts? Consider this, in many sports the team is everything. If the team succeeds, everyone on it succeeds. You work hard for the team, the team works hard for you. But in the martial ....

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  • ATT-Tracy fighter Makes the U.S. national team!

    ATT-Tracy fighter Makes the U.S. national team!

    Congratulations to American top team Tracy’s Own Mayleen Mercado for making the US national Muay Thai team! In May we sent her to complete and be evaluated by the selection committee at the first WBC (World Boxing Council) Muay Thai youth experience. She went 3-0 in her matches, securing a spot to be evaluated. Mayleen was chosen to represent team USA Youth Muay Thai and will be fighting at under 70lbs, 31.75kg Mayleen will be fighting in Alberta Canada in mid August. She will be representing United States and our Academy versus youth teams from over 20 countries. This is a huge honor for both Mayleen and all of us at American top team Tracy. let’s go team ....

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  • Motivation and emotion.

    Motivation and emotion.

    The Psychology behind Losing Your Motivation Losing interest in your Martial Arts training will happen to every Student at some point. There are various reasons why this can happen. However, changing your perspective a little can be all it takes to rekindle your love of Martial Arts and keep you training. Losing your Martial Arts mojo has happened to most students at some point. Perhaps you’ve been training hard for months. You’re fit and you’re in great shape. But suddenly training becomes more of a task than a fun time. How come, when you feeling at the top of your game, your feelings can suddenly change? Sometimes the novelty of the sport wears off. ....

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  • Here’s Why Loyalty Is Important In Martial Arts

    Here’s Why Loyalty Is Important In Martial Arts

    Loyalty is generally one of the most important character traits that we must all have. In all aspects of our lives, whether personal or business, loyalty is such a priceless commodity. Be it in romantic relationships, lasting friendships, or solid partnerships, loyalty must always be a top priority. In martial arts, loyalty can be exhibited in a variety of different ways. Staying loyal to your martial arts gym and to your instructors can have lasting effects on your path as a martial artist. It also allows you to develop at a steady and consistent pace throughout your martial arts journey. The concept of loyalty and its importance is something that kids pick up early on when training ....

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  • New Mongkol for the gym!

    New Mongkol for the gym!

    American Top Team-Tracy has received a new “Mongkol” from Master Toddy in 🇹🇭 Thailand. The Mongkol is a traditional cerimonial head band that is worn by Muay Thai fighters as they enter the ring. It reoresents your gym, teacher and teammates. Authentic Muay Thai gyms have one that the fighters get to wear as a honor before their fights. The Mongkol is taken down from a high place in gym where it hangs, as it is never suposed to be just laying around someplace. The mongkol is blessed by a priest or a Ajarn (master) and always treated with respect and dignity. Just before the fight begins, the coach or someone of high esteem will take the Mongkol off of the fighters head ....

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  • Prepare your kids for life.

    Prepare your kids for life.

    Activities and sports like Hockey, Baseball, Soccer, Gymnastics, Girl/Boy Scouts etc... are all great hobby’s and pass time activities and I let my kids choose whatever activities they want. I categorize swimming lessons differently; swimming is a life skill and non-negotiable in my house. Sooner or later my children will be exposed to water, (be it a pool, lake, river or ocean) and not having basic swimming skills and confidence around the water will hold them back and could be potentially fatal. They don’t need to be Olympic swimmers but they need enough basic skills to tread water and survive but ideally are competent enough that they don’t have to be nervous or ....

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  • Understanding Thai scoring in Muay Thai

    The basic understanding of scoring at the highest and most professional levels inMuay Thaiihaveoften eluded not just fans of the art, but even the practitioners themselves as well. This is likely due to the fact that the scoring system in Muay Thai can be considered one of the most unique when compared to other combat sports around the world. From how strikes are scored, to how rounds are judged; the Muay Thai scoring system differs significantly from the systems the average fight fan maybe used to. Because of this, fight fans, practicing martial artists, or even professional fighters who are used to the usual 10 point must system used in popular combat sports likeboxingormixed martial ....

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  • IKF PMT enemy in Santa Cruz

    IKF PMT enemy in Santa Cruz

    The next event for our Muaythai up and comers is being held in Santa Cruz on Saturday, April 30. If you are interested in competing, please speak to Kru Shannon. ....

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