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  • What is the essential gear that I need for Muay Thai?

    What is the essential gear that I need for Muay Thai?

    I get this question a lot! Especially from new people to the sport/art of Muay Thai. “What kind of gear should I get”? Well, that all depends on what your goals are and how long you have been training as well as if you are a beginner or a advanced athlete or even a coach. Before we get started let me first say that what brands you choose will be purely a choice based on your own experimentation. I have brands that I love in sparring gloves but hate in Thai Pads etc etc. for the sake of this article I have stayed brand neutral and included a variety of different ones for you to look at. I definitely have my favorites for different kinds of equipment and if anyone is interested ....

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  • Great insight from an unlikely source- Comedian Kevin Hart.

    Great insight from an unlikely source- Comedian Kevin Hart.

    In reading Kevin Harts Biography, I came to realize that while he is a hilarious comedian, he has great insight into life. He has worked tirelessly to achieve everything that he has. He has made it through the struggles that many people falter from. Here are a few of the great quotes that I dug out of his latest book. No matter what, people grow. If you chose not to grow, you’re staying in a small box with a small mindset. People who win go outside of that box. It’s very simple when you look at it. My experiences in life are getting bigger and better. The more stuff I do, the more stuff I talk about – having kids, traveling, going through relationship problems, ....

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  • Training with the GOAT!

    Training with the GOAT!

    Many people have a fantasy of meeting one of their heroes, or getting a chance to train with one of the best in their perspective sports. My son and I had the unique opportunity to do that very thing this year in Bangkok Thailand. We make the trip a couple of times a year to train in the amazing martial art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is referred to as a chess game as opposed to a simple game of checkers. There are different kinds of styles within the same art. One of them is called Muay Kao or knee fighting. This type concentrates on clenching their opponent and delivering devastating knees sweeps and trips to off-balance and score upon their opponent. It is undisputed that the best knee ....

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  • Northern California/Hawaii Youth Development League Muay Thai.

    Northern California/Hawaii Youth Development League Muay Thai.

    The first "YDL" Youth Development League Muay Thai event is in the books. Sunday January 26th, the United States Muay Thai Federation and Kru Patrick Rivera of Stockton held the largest YDL to date. Over 130 youth and teen athlete from as far away as Hawaii and Utah as well as a host of gyms from Southern and Northern California were in attendance to show off their skills. American Top Team Tracy sent a very skilled group of young athlete into competition. For many it was their very first time competing against a unknown opponent. The skill level of all in attendance was off the charts! We look forward to the next one. ....

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  • Musashi's Disciple

    Musashi's Disciple

    Musashi's Disciple
    I will tell you the story of the Samurai who came to see the legendary master Miyamoto Musashi and asked to learn the true way of the sword. The master agreed to accept him as a student. Having become his disciple, the Samurai spent all his time, as instructed by the master, carrying and chopping wood and fetching buckets of water from a distant spring. He did this every day for a month, two months, one year, three years. Today, any disciple would have run away after a week or even a few hours. But the Samurai went on, and in the process he formed his body. At the end of three years he had had enough, however, and asked his master, "What kind of training are you giving ....

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  • Be careful. You may be doing it wrong.

    Be careful. You may be doing it wrong.

    In the martialarts there are many right ways to do things. Differentstyles have different body mechanics for the same movement and may teach a different "Why" a technique is performed. Be cautious however. Some thing that are being taught are just plain WRONG! There are definitely some very poor teachers out there. So be ware!! Below are a few examples of some blatantlyobvious mistake that are being put out there as correct technique. In the above photo the practitioner has no idea how to properly hold the Sai. If held with the fingers in between the hooks in this way, you will most definetly end up with the nick name "Stubby" as you will no longer have fingers when the ....

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