About American Top Team Tracy Martial Arts and Kickboxing

Our Story, And Our Mission

American Top Team Traditions is Tracy's oldest Martial Arts training facility. Opening its doors in 1998, ATT has produced many skilled Black Belt Martial Artists over the years and Championship competitors as well.

But that's not all this school is about.

We pride ourselves in building character and teaching the work ethic necessary to succeed in whatever endeavor our students decide to pursue.

Being a member of our American Top Team Traditions is like being a part of our family. Your success is our success.

From our award-winning Children, Teen and Adult Martial Arts programs to our world-class Muay Thai training, ATT has something for everyone.

Martial arts is something we use to improve ourselves and our lives. For a child being bullied, it's an opportunity to stand up for themselves, and gain self-confidence and pride. For an adult lacking passion and drive, it's an opportunity to really put your heart into something - and reap the rewards of that hard work.

And for the person who wants the ability to protect themselves and their loved ones - it's an opportunity to add safety, self-defense, and courage to his or her life.

Everyone here at our American Top Team Traditions is here to help you! Our staff will be with you every step of the way. Whatever your goals might be, we will guide you and assist you in every way we can. We really believe in what we're doing here at American Top Team Traditions, and want you to be a part of it.


  • 20+years in business
  • 400+ members
  • Six staff members plus 8 assistants
  • 7,000 sqft facility (Largest and most well equipped in the area)
  • Two open parent viewing areas.
  • Swain and Zebra mats (the best of both worlds.)
  • Full size 24X24 Olympic boxing ring
  • Custom heavy bag area with a double end striking ball , tear drop bag, speed bag, and aqua bag.
  • Fully stocked pro shop for all styles of gear purchase.

Areas We Serve:

  • Tracy
  • Mountain House
  • Manteca

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