Most Americans have got it all wrong... When it comes to wins and loses.

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This topic is talked about all the time in the fight game among fight fans, fighters and coaches alike. Most Americans , and most of the world outside of a few select countries put an incredible amount of emphasis on wins and losses. Most fighters are revered when they have a undefeated record. Then, the moment that they lose... "They all the sudden SUCK". This is crazy!! Wins and losses are going to come. If a fighter takes a lose, many in the public (most who  don't fight or coach fighters) all of the sudden get belligerent about  a fighters career. Way to much weight is placed on wins and losses. In Thailand for example, they rarely if ever ask what a fighters win/lose record is. Instead, they almost always ask "How many fights?" The number of fights to them is way more important then the record for a fighter. A example of this is, would you rather be 20-0 or 265-36? Most would say 265-36! That's 301 fights!!! All the sudden, no one cares about the 36 loses so much any more right? But this fighter has more losses then the undefeated  fighter has total fights!! Who most likely has more skill? Who is probably tougher? Who has the most knowledge of the fight game? Who has pretty much seen it all? Yep! the person with the large amount of fights, NOT the undefeated fighter. In Thailand, most fighters fight every 3-4 weeks, as opposed to every 4-6 months in the rest of the world. This has to change if America is going to stand any chance of competing on the world stage of the Olympics in Muay Thai.

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