Dealing with negative people is just like fighting in martial arts.

Dealing with negative people is just like fighting in martial arts.

There are many tools in your arsenal.

Throughout our lives, at one time or another, we all practice these four methods of dealing with negative energy. Everyone has been hit (had our feelings hurt, become defensive and upset). We have all blocked (were successful in taking a stand and defending it through hell or high water). We have all avoided conversations and issues by putting them off for another day or letting them pass altogether. And everyone has taken control of the situation, by looking for the most constructive outcome, or dealing with a problem and remaining in control.

The truth is, we all need more than one defense in our arsenal. It is important to develop all four methods. Getting hit, in practice and in life, strengthens you and helps you to realize how much you can with stand. Blocking helps you internalize and understand what you truly believe. Getting out of the way teaches us that there are some things better left unsaid, and some paths better left untraveled. And redirecting energy develops our awareness and sensitivity to others in a variety of situations.

Energy is everywhere, in all things and in all situations. It comes at us at all times, sometimes directly, sometimes unexpectedly. You can take charge of how you deal with this energy by remaining aware of what defense you are choosing. In this way, you can truly be a master of your actions and not a prisoner of your reactions.

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