ATT-Tracy’s Mayleen Mercado represents team USA in Bangkok Thailand.

ATT-Tracy’s Mayleen Mercado represents team USA in Bangkok Thailand.

🥊 Exciting News from Bangkok, Thailand! 🌏 Maylene Mercado, representing American Top Team Tracy, stepped into the legendary Lumpini Stadium. 🇺🇸 Team USA was proudly showcased at the extraordinary Muay Thai festival in the heart of Thailand. Maylene's journey extends beyond borders, having previously fought for Team USA at the WBC World Youth Games 2022 in Calgary, Canada. Her dedication to the sport knows no bounds, and her prowess on the international stage speaks volumes. Let's not forget the unsung heroes behind every successful athlete—the unwavering support from family and coaches. Maylene's achievement is a testament not only to her skill but also to the exceptional support system she has in her parents and family. 🙏 A heartfelt thank you to De La Soul Muay Thai for standing in her corner, providing guidance, and contributing to her success. Teamwork makes the dream work, and Maylene's journey exemplifies the power of collaboration and dedication. Join us in celebrating Maylene Mercado's remarkable journey on the global stage, representing the USA with passion and skill. The Muay Thai community stands united in applauding her achievements. 🇹🇭🇺🇸 #MuayThai #Internationalathlete #TeamUSA #LumpiniStadium #MuayThaiFestival #AthleteJourney #ProudMoment






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