American Top Team Tracy gets the W at IFS 59 in Anaheim!

American Top Team Tracy gets the W at IFS 59 in Anaheim!

American Top Team Tracy’s own Cade Albracht stepped into the ring for the second time at the international fight showdown (IFS 59) in Anaheim California.

Cade took on a formidable opponent from a well-coached gym in Southern California. Both athletes have prior experience fighting at this show. 
The fight was not without controversy. The opponent's Coach said that their fighter did not want to fight with elbows, catching up kicks, or clenching! This is very frustrating when you train in the art of eight limbs “Muay Thai” and you are told that your opponent wants to take some of the weapons away that you work so hard on each day to display in the ring. Cade took the fight anyway and then was asked to move down to an even lower weight bracket to match the same opponent. Cade took the fight anyway at 145 pounds instead of 147 pounds originally agreed. A couple of pounds don’t seem like much unless you are the one who is cutting the weight.

On the day of the event, the commission stated that he would be allowed to clinch in his fight and throw only one consecutive knee at a time. still, no elbows to be thrown or catching of kicks, as well as when in the clinch, you must be very active or the referee will deduct a point.

round one started out with both Cade and his opponent meeting in the middle of the ring and the opponent trying to score heavy overhand punches to the head well Cade maintained his composure and distance management with pinpoint strikes and kicks.

at every chance throughout the three-round fight, the opponent clinched to stall the fight. Eventually, round to the referee deducted a point from Cade‘s opponent, putting Cade really far ahead.

round three only lasted One minute and 32 seconds as Cade landed vicious left hooks to the body followed up with clinch and right knees to the ribs!
once again his opponent came forward to clinch to stall the fight. At this point, the referee had seen enough and waved off the remaining time giving Cade a TKO victory in the third round!

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