Stop speaking the language of weakness.

Overdosing on qualifiers, inserting needless filler phrases, and giving wimpy opinions will destroy y our authority. Add muscle to your word with these tips:

Cut the constant "I".

Starting with "I" undermines your power because you imply that whatever faults you describe are your problems, not theirs.

For example, " have a problem with the tech support manager, who doesn't organize time well" sounds as if you're talking about you. Saying, "The tech support manager doesn't organize time well" keeps the focus where it needs to be.

Talk Tough.

Always say what you mean and don't habitually hedge your comments.

For example, if the CEO asks you for your opinion about a business deal, don't say. "I feel it was a winner," or "I really like how we handled it."

Instead, make a specific observation: "It worked because we negotiated several key concessions," or "We won by forcing his hand."



 Random Wisdom - "In business and in life, the best solution isn't necessarily the most expensive one, but it's almost always the most creative one." - Kenneth Cole



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