New Mongkol for the gym!

New Mongkol for the gym!

American Top Team-Tracy has received a new “Mongkol” from Master Toddy in 🇹🇭 Thailand. 
The Mongkol is a traditional cerimonial head band that is worn by Muay Thai fighters as they enter the ring. It reoresents your gym, teacher and teammates. Authentic Muay Thai gyms have one that the fighters get to wear as a honor before their fights. The Mongkol is taken down from a high place in gym where it hangs, as it is never suposed to be just laying around someplace. 

The mongkol is blessed by a priest or a Ajarn (master) and always treated with respect and dignity.

Just before the fight begins, the coach or someone of high esteem will take the Mongkol off of the fighters head after saying a final blessing on the fighter. It is then hung on the corner post for the duration of the fight.  

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