Two ATT Tracy fighters dominate!

Two ATT Tracy fighters dominate!

Cade stepped into the ring on Friday night march 25 in Anaheim California for the IFS 56 Muaythai show. He took on a very tough opponent from a very well coach Gym. The fight started out a bit tentatively as both fighters try to find their rhythm and range. About 50 seconds into round one Cade found exactly that! Landing a flurry of hands followed by powerful kicks to the body and legs. From that point on Cade dominated in the clinch and elbow range. Landing more than 25 elbows in the fight cruising to a 30-27 victory. Cade also earned fight name, being dubbed “ Baby Carnage“ by Nathan “Carnage” Corbett and Bryce “The Body snatcher” Krause.

on Saturday, March 26, Maylene Mercado stepped in to the youth development league ring and thoroughly dismantled both of her opponents. Maylene used both balance and position coupled with A very mean lead leg “Teep” To continuously off-balance her opponent and score.

Congratulations to you both on amazing performances.

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