Be like a weed.

Be like a weed.

Be Like a Weed

Pretty random statement, right? My Iaido and Kobudo teacher, Shihan Nishiuchi, shared this concept with us during class one day. At first it made no sense, but after digesting it for a while, I think I finally get it. You see, a weed will try to grow to its fullest potential where ever it finds itself. It doesn't ask to have more fertile soil, or for more sunlight? It never feels sorry for itself. It simply does it's best with what it was given. And then.....if it gets knocked down or stepped on, a weed just puts all of it's effort into growing upright again, no questions asked.

I have a great deal more respect for weeds now than I used to. They stand proud......they don't make excuses ...And they are always striving to be their best, regardless of the circumstances. They bloom where they are planted.

So my thought for this day is, "Be like a weed".

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