How to Focus

How to Focus

Focus is a big topic in

martial arts.


Many people take our classes

just to add more focus to 

their lives.


Here are 3 tips to do just



1. Practice stillness.


Every day, even if 2 minutes

is all you can stand right now,

just sit with your eyes closed,

and breathe. 


We live in an ADD world. Challenge

it by practicing stillness.


2. Set daily goals.


Know what you want to accomplish

today. Write it down. Keep that

piece of paper with you.


Then, whenever you get off track,

just pull it out of your pocket

and remind yourself of what you're

trying to achieve.


3. One task at a time.


Our world is full of multi-



Have you heard the expression,

"When you try to please everyone,

you end up pleasing no one?"


It's the same thing with focus.


If you try to focus on everything,

you end up focusing on nothing.


Dedicate each block of time in 

your life to one task. And go at

that task with everything you've


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