A great lesson from the book "Relentless"

A great lesson from the book "Relentless"

You keep pushing yourself harder when everyone else has had enough. 
You get into the zone, you shut out everything else, and Control the uncontrollable. 
You know exactly who you are. 
You have a Darkside that refuses to be taught to be good. 
You’re not intimidated by pressure, you thrive on it. 
When everyone is hitting the “ in case of emergency” button, they’re all looking for you. 
You don’t compete with anyone, you find your opponents weakness and you attack. 
You make decisions, not suggestions; you know the answer while everyone else is still asking questions. 
You don’t have to love the work, you’re addicted to the results. 
You’d rather be feared than liked. 
You trust very few people, and those you trust better never let you down. 
You don’t recognize failure; you know there’s more than one way to get what you want. 

You don’t celebrate your achievements because you always want more.


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