Training with the GOAT!

Training with the GOAT!

Many people have a fantasy of meeting one of their heroes, or getting a chance to train with one of the best in their perspective sports. My son and I had the unique opportunity to do that very thing this year in Bangkok Thailand. We make the trip a couple of times a year to train in the amazing martial art of Muay Thai. Muay Thai is referred to as a chess game as opposed to a simple game of checkers. There are different kinds of styles within the same art. One of them is called Muay Kao or knee fighting. This type concentrates on clenching their opponent and delivering devastating knees sweeps and trips to off-balance and score upon their opponent. It is undisputed that the best knee fighter in history is the legendary Deiselnoi!! He was feared for his relentless knee attacks in the 1980's. He was a fighter of the year at Lumpinee stadium in Bangkok in 1982. He went undefeated for four years running, and finally retired because no one would fight him.

This was truly a bucket list day for us to get the chance to learn and train with Master Dieselnoi. Simply amazing!!!


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