Be careful. You may be doing it wrong.

Be careful. You may be doing it wrong.

In the martial arts there are many right ways to do things. Different styles have different body mechanics for the same movement and may teach a different "Why" a technique is performed. 

Be cautious however. Some thing that are being taught are just plain WRONG! There are definitely some very poor teachers out there. So be ware!!


Below are a few examples of some blatantly obvious mistake that are being put out there as correct technique.  

In the above photo the practitioner has no idea how to properly hold the Sai. If held with the fingers in between the hooks in this way, you will most definetly end up with the nick name "Stubby" as you will no longer have fingers when the sword is caught there! Remember, the Sai was a Okinawan Police weapon. Used as a sign of authority and to subdue criminals who may be armed with a blade or staff.

Image result for sai technique

Above is correct.

Can you figure out what is wrong in the below photo of the Martial Artist wearing traditional Hakama?   If you guessed it's backwards, you would be correct! Sheesh!!Image result for BACKWARDS hAKAMA


Okay, below is a picture of a pad holder with a student throwing a punch. This is a very good way to get your teeth punched out by the student. NEVER, hold a Thai pad in front of your face in this way. Second. There should be two Thai Pads used at one time. 


Okay, below is probably just a bit of a "Mash-up" of styles. First. Karate guy kicking Mauy Thai pads. Second. The kick is not a Thai kick. Third. The pad holder is very awkward in the way he is holding. The bottoms of the Thai pads are to be held apart in a "A" frame sort of position for a few not so obvious reasons. This one is really not so bad as it's probably just a guy from a different style using equipment in a way that their style does things. However, they are using Muay Thai gear and NOT training in Muay Thai here for sure.


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