Malaipet "The Diamond" Sasiprapa, Martial Arts Instructor

Malaipet "The Diamond" Sasiprapa


Malaipet (born as Mongkhon Wiwasuk on December 21, 1981) is a Thai professional Muay Thai fighter, kick-boxer, and former mixed martial artist. He is a former Rajadamnern Stadium Champion who currently resides in Fresno, California. In MMA, Malaipet has fought for EliteXC, King of the Cage and in kickboxing he has competed for K1, SLAMM!! Events, Bellator Kickboxing and Thai & Kickbox SuperLeague.

Malaipet started practicing Muay Thai at the age of 8. He is known for his devastating kicks and clinch and fought for EliteXC most of his MMA career. Malaipet is currently on hiatus from MMA to focus on Muay Thai. The bipoic film based on his life, Legendary was released in late 2009. Malaipet is also featured in the 2011 video game Supremacy MMA. He is the older cousin of Rungravee Sasiprapa and Buakaw Banchamek.


  • Former 3x Rajadamner Stadium Champion Bangkok Thailand
  • International WBC Muay Thai Welterweight Champion] (one time)
  • wbc Muaythai United States Welterweight (-66.6 kg/147 lb) Championship (one time, current)
  • IKBA World Champion
  • IKKC USA Champion
  • IMTO USA Champion
  • IMTO World Champion
  • IKKC World Champion

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